Monday, April 12, 2010

Do you use me?

Er, I should say, do you use brushes for either photoshop or elements?

They are totally rad.

I have a serious collection. I mean, SERIOUS. In the hundreds of brushes. I get mine here. So, do ya, do ya?

If you're not, you can find things like these.

Collections of maps.

Old ads.


Old handwriting, letters,

and so forth.

(Type in "vintage" in the link up there and you'll find all of these)
Do you see all the potential possibilities for your own stencils up there?
Typically, these talented folks offer these with nothing more than a request for a backlink.

Oh crap, I better go backlink. I'm that jerk.

Anywho, I've used stuff in my house before.
This oddball, abstract, pieces of music thing I like to call "art" hangs in my music room.

But hey, I like it.

Anywho, Artscow offered a smokin' hot deal on canvas prints. And you know I couldn't pass those up. Plus, the old hotel key holder needed some buddies up the stairs.

So, after asking some great friends (thanks!) for their preferences, and while searching for somezing french, (keep to the code!)

I used zees brush, with zees man's awesome texture,

And zees brush with aforementioned awesome man's texture.

These brushes are a hoot, I tell you!

Man there are a lot of links in this post. Geez.

I just simply applied these to a lightweight piece of wood with some spray adheseeve.
Now, I want you to know, that you need to be very careful when handling canvas art. This lil spot missing ink? :

I brushed my ever-so-slightly-wet (from dishes, what else?) thumb against it, and voila. Ah, well. I think it adds character.

At least that's what I like to tell myself when I eff things up. It's a frequent thing 'round here.

So there.

Now, do I need to give these their own custom frames, or are we good to go?
(hint: I really want you to tell me I can move on with something else.)


Jackie said...

Amazing - I love your canvases! I use brushes a lot - so fun! I'll check these out and Shadowhouse textures - amazing - I use them ALL the time!! Thanks for such great ideas!

gina@3ringcottage said...

I've never heard of brushes so there's something new for me to check out. My son would love the music one in your music room. I love that Metro one. How cool...and I like them without frames.

krista lucas photography said...

those are awesome!! i've never really used brushes, but now i want to! also, you inspire me to redecorate my house. :)

stop by sometime:


Teri said...

These are gorgeous, Mandi! I seriously need to figure out how to use brushes, etc. I don't have Photoshop, but I have Gimp and a very primary knowledge of how it works. I'm totally inspired by your brush know-how! :)

Audra said...

Ok, another thing I have to add to the list of things I need to learn, try and experience. Thanks...:) Seriously...I really love the look of these, never knew about brushes but leave it to you to continually inspire me. Gotta get busy now and do something!

I like the prints simple like that, but you know they would really ROCK with black frames. Just so you know...


kim said...

that is so cool, I never thought to use or find brushes like another thing to try to learn in photoshop...thanks I think ;)

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Okay, you totally lost me in this post but that is okay. I absolutely love those prints. I love them the way they are. Guess I better get me photoshop?

Emily said...

okay I am going to have to go with Brooke...I have no idea what brushes are or how you use them and I don't have photoshop, so maybe that's my problem.
I love the pictures. They are way cool. I like them without the frames, I think the frames may take way from the picture, but I don't know a lot about decorating and I am sure whatever you do will look amazing.

dena4kids said...

I NEED PHOTOSHOP! will be mine..
You know deenie likey the brushes!=)

Anny said...

I say you're good to go, they look great!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

did u make the music one? i need art for my music room!!