Monday, April 5, 2010

Dang you, Pottery Barn (Part 2)

I'll be doggoned if I can figure out where the picture is of this. A search of Pottery Barn's site brings up nought, and the baby ate my Pottery Barn catalog.

I am serious about that last part. She licked, chewed, and dismantled the entire magazine while I played a game with the boys.

Anywho, Pottery Barn has really cool letters.

Like that.

Or like that.

And, dude, I love letters.

This time, they had last names spelled out in black or espresso.

And it was totally rad.

Oh, and also each letter was $8-$10 dollars each. So that would cost me (1,2,3,4. . . sorry doing the math in my head), $64-$80 for a "TREMAYNE".

Dude. This is where the aforementioned letters comes into play,

as well as Mr. Spray Paint & the awesome hand sander I borrowed (we are fast becoming BFF-- me and that sander. The nail gun is like totally jealous).

So, here's my hallway. It's about to get a complete makeover this week. Also, it is a cheesy hallway. Cheesy pics of the kids- cheesy vinyl saying. Perfect.

There we go. That "R" might be a tad askew. Daggone it.

But I like it. Now, these letters aren't as stately as the PB ones, I'll admit. But I'll keep my $56-$72, plus shipping, if ya don't mind.


gina@3ringcottage said...

So, are those wooden letters from Hobby Lobby or something? So much cheaper and look just as great!

Anny said...

Cheese is good! PB is for the lazy and over-funded family ;)

I like what you've done so far, its very home-pridey.

Katie said...

I like the letters- I might just have to try something like that- especially when its so affordable, compared to PB. Love them for inspiration, not so much on their prices.

Teri said...

I agree - letters are awesome. This looks great! And good for you for stickin' it to the PB-man.

WhettenWild said...

I like them just as well as PB's!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I seriously love letters too. But, I don't have any. I have got to get with it and get some letters on my walls. Love yours, but you kinda have cool last name too. Sounds regal or something. ha.
Thanks for becoming a follower.

Emily said...

I love it, I may copy it. I need to redo my hallway...or I could do it downstairs ohh yeah I am excited!! I have nothing there.
Where did you get your letters? cuz I have the same problem...churchtown is rather long.

Shellie said...

I'm so totally BFFs with my sander, too.

Ryan and Rachel said...

So my house should be ready for you to come decorate ... in about 2 weeks. So go ahead and book the flight. Our couch is super cozy. :) AND if you come, I'll tell you what I'm doing with the stained glass! :)

dena4kids said...

I love it! I might just have to try this one.=)

Pressed Petals said...

where do you get your stencils? or do you make them?