Sunday, March 28, 2010

You'd think he'd learn.

When I ask the hubby if I can go to the Hob Lob, he's just a sweetie.

"Yeah, sure hon."

And then I come back with some serious loot, some serious excitement, and all kinds of strange ideas brewin'.

And I'm sure he's thinkin, "What is all this crap? Why, why why?"

Okay so ya wanna see my loot? Do ya, do ya?






Now there is sense in this madness! To everything (♪turn turn turn♪) there is a season (♪turn turn turn♪). Really.

First and foremost, the flowers.

Making my already craptacular wreath springtacular. Or I guess we could combine and say "scrapingtacular". Er something.

I mustache you a question-- is that a "T" up there? That's a "T". Is that a "T"? It was in the freakin' "T" slot so it better be, dang it! I guess if it's a "J" well, we can get away with that too in this family.

Second and twicemost (new word), the buckets.
They're for Easter egg hunts. Let my kids pick a font for their names,

and a few shapes to stick on 'em, too,

(Kenna picked that Right after she asked to use the potty. It was just amazing)

Even let them pick their colors.

Jamison: "I want the pink one!"
"um, okay. I was gonna give it to Kenna, but if you want. .. "

"No never mind. I'll take the yellow one."

Good choice, bud.

You know, since this is turning into never ending post, I'm gonna share my other odd ideas with you at another juncture. No need for a never ending post, now is there?

Now, if you'll excuse me- I'm gonna put those buckets away. Kids keep playing with 'em and getting 'em stuck on their big heads.


Carla said...

Its a T.....Unless you put your paper on the back of it . Then it "was" a J. But now is a T So either you, you win. Looks Cute. I have a sun that would do that too me about a pink bucket. Only after of course I searched high and low for 4 boy colors and 2 girl colors he would pick a girl color. WHY?? Kids.
Cant wait to see what your other projects are.
The only project happening around here is 6th grade science fair project. UGH So I am sure yours are more interesting.

Layne Bushell said...

It's a T. The buckets are so cute. I love it all. Check my blog tomorrow - I'll have a post just for you!

Halls Huddle said...

Kenna is growing by leaps and bounds in my absence. Tell her to stop or she'll be off to college by the time I get home! Love the wreath and buckets.

dena4kids said...

What about the keys? Love all the ideas!=)

Teri said...

"Twicemost" sounds very Alice-In-Wonderland. Which reminds me of tea parties. Which reminds me of Easter. So it's quite fitting, really. Good word!

The buckets and wreath are so spring-y! Love it. Can't wait to see what else you get up to. :)

Pressed Petals said...

love Hob Lob. Can't wait to see what you make with the letters...I have some too waiting for me to do something with them.

Emily said...

Those buckets are way cute!

It was good to see you on saturday, Thanks for coming to my party. We will have to do it again Ü

gina@3ringcottage said...

The letter is what you make it. One way it's a 't' and the other way it's a 'j' which makes you an awesome shopper because you got two for one! I've got some of those buckets too. It's all too cute!

Ryan and Rachel said...

I love that he wanted the pink one. :) And very cute wreath!

Honey B. said...

Great stuff from HL! I'm not allowed to go without Marmot's

kim said...

I love coming home with a bunch of stuff from Hobby Lobby...and my husband thinks all my ideas are weird :)
love your pics too...such well documented pics :
and I thought it was a J then looked at it for a moment and figured it was a T so IDK, lol

WhettenWild said...

Their buckets turned out so cute! I love them!