Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Those little added touches.


I had to have this for the homies' room. Had. Starfish make everything better, no?


It's so cheesy cute. I knew I had to have that picture of the Jamster in there. It's one of me faves.

This Paris tin holder dealy-o (that's what it said on the tag when I went to buy it. really) sat empty for months.
It was begging for some old letters. Begging.

My great gramma's letters. What is it about old letters? There's something so. . .je ne sais quoi about these.

Maybe it's the 2 cent stamps. Maybe it's the Chicago stamp from 1920. Maybe that there was no use for zip codes then, apparently (or even a house number or street, I see). Or maybe it's the oh so lovely handwriting. It truly looks like they used a ruler to keep their words straight. Unbelievable.

My great gramma would be sooo disappointed in my penmanship.
Um, can I have s'more of these letters, mom?


1 Funky Woman said...

Thats what I always say to my husband, "I had to have it". The frame looks great on the blue shelf. I have a tropical room in my house. We built a thatched roof over the window.

Love the paris tin and her letters, I think that is so neat!

Emily said...

I love old letters like that. I have all the letters Dave and I have written each other. Maybe one day they will be on my great grandkids shelf...although my handwritting is not even close to being as cool as your grandma's. I love grandparents handwritting.

WhettenWild said...

I like the new additions!!

The Schoonies said...

that is awesome that you have old letters like that. what a treasure.

annie valentine said...

Oh my gosh, is that an actual letter? I haven't seen one of those since 1997. Cute stuff.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I'm a sucker for anything old. I'm not sure what the draw is but maybe it's the story behind them.
Who knows, but you sure have a treasure there.
Cute stuff.

dena4kids said...

Love the old letters! That is so cool that you have them!