Friday, March 12, 2010

This used to be my playground.

It was my sister and I's dance room in the basement.

My BFF and I covered the cement walls with chalk. Most of it was an ode to New Kids. I know I wrote Donnie on there. Yes, Emily, that has been up there for 20 years.

Then it became the food storage room.

And now, it shall be the grandkids playroom. The coolest playroom like, evar!

Now, this is a one-man project. As all my dad's projects are. Framing,

Dry walling,

Oooh. . . look at that trim. . .
But WAIT! Look at that ceiling!


Oh no. This is not a kids' playroom, man. This is my room. I'm moving in here. Sorry, kids.

You know what this room needs? A gigantor chalkboard.

Look at it's own lil shelf for chalk and eraser!


And finally, the pi-ece de resistance.
Any guesses on what this might be?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Shut.Up. I know.

Luckiest grandkids.


Emily said...

I can't believe all the chalk was still there...ahh memories. NKOTB Forever!! Ü
Your dad is amazing. That will be a lot of fun for I mean the kids

krista lucas photography said... i would LOVE to have a playroom like that for my kids!!!!

krista lucas photography said... i would LOVE to have a playroom like that for my kids!!!!

Renee said...

WOW! Can I come play?!? Holy cow, that phone booth makes me think of Harry Potter...the entrance to the Ministry of Magic!

Your dad is like, the coolest grandpa ever!!

WhettenWild said...

Hey I wrote my share of the NKOTB stuff too. ha ha!

Dad rocks! Can't wait to see it finished.

Maybe you and I should have a party down there and kick the grandkids out! ha ha!

chris w said...

Coolest grandpa EVER!

Gina@3ringcottage said...

Just found your blog from your link at Shabby Nest. Not only love your projects but your writing style and sense of humor are the best! I'll be back regularly.

dena4kids said...

Can I come and play? =)