Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's Talk Money.

Moulah. Benjamins. Cash. Bucks. Bankroll. Bills. Dough. Gravy. Greenback. Specie. . .

Mainly 'cause I don't want you to think I've lost my mind. Yeah, I'm really into weirdo projects on my house. But I ain't spendin' what it probably seems like I'm spendin'.

So. Go ahead. Get all up in ma biznis.


This 'un.

This 'un cost me $12. (long story short, we bought some lumber totally clearanced at Lowe's, and I traded some of it for the strips of wood needed here). I think that's a fairly decent upgrade for $12. Costs me more for a one-time run to McD's for the fam. And I didn't even get a parfait that time, man!

This. This cost me $110. Far far more than anything else I've done in thee ole house. $90 for the bookcase and $20 for the beadboard backing. Much-o better-o than the $350 bookcase I wanted at the Hob Lob though, right?

This. The stairwell. This cost me about $30. Not as spankin' awesome as $12. But still, if I found some bodacious wall art I loved to go up these stairs, you bet yer bottom dollar I'd have spent more on that than the trim.

This. This was virtually free. It's the piece of beadboard left from aforementioned bookcase. I bartered for the vinyl to be cut with my sister in law. She's such a nice gal.

The door. The strange-o door. Didn't I say it cost me about $12? Well, whatever- somewhere around there. I ain't going back through thee ole bloggy blog to check. Yeah. I'm that lazy. Go ahead and judge me this time.

The trim in my "living room". I used air quotes there 'cause that room really should be called the "no one goes in there unless we have a short-stay visitor or we're feeding the fish/no you can't play in there & get off ma d#$n couch" room.

The trim was about $50. It might have been closer to $40.

Framing in my windows. Like I said before, this was a more pricey project for me. $60. Fluting ain't cheap. So here's where I ask ya, is $60 worth it to frame in my music room windows?? Huh, huh?

Thee ole mantel. I already gave away the price on this 'un, too. $60. Left over lumber though.

And finally, the mirror. I like to say "mirroir". Say it with me: "mirroir, forest, DORA'S HOUSE!"

I believe the new frame (now that's a big frame, folks- don't get sticker shock-- it covers my entire wall) was $90.

So let's add these up, shall we? What are these projects costing me?

Never mind never mind. I broke out in a cold sweat. Don't you dare bust out your calculator. I like living in my own little world of denial. Besides, if I took the whole fam damily out to dinner just once, I'd have spent more than most of these. These is permanent. Dinner out is too. But in a bad, plump yer buns kinda way, kay?


Trina said...

You're my idol!! Even if I could figure out how to do it all so economically, your vision and skills are hard to match. Seriously, $12 to make your bedroom look fabulous? You can't buy a throw pillow for that!

Katie said...

"Say it with me...Dora's House!" Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard! So stinkin funny. Great changes for not much money- I think it's impressive. Just love your blog.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Those are some seriously large projects. But I have found when you do something yourself you save alot. I hadn't seen the mirror, wow. Love that.

WhettenWild said...

I'd say its totally worth doing the music room windows. I love how it looks!

You are awe-some. I'm so having you come over to my house to decorate. wink wink.

Teri said...

Holey Moley you got some wicked deals, girl! It sure pays to be a handy DIYer!! :)

dena4kids said...

(LOL! I just noticed your little comment up there.Love the
Anywho...I love your projects! I think you did a awesome job, and I would totally do the music room window. I heart fluting!

Rebecca D said...

I am ashamed to admit I spend more then most of these projects on an average trip to know the trips to get milk and strapless bras (prom season) and you end up spending $150 then get to the car staring at your reciept wondering how you just spent $150 on nothing... or is it just me? (let's not speak of my Target addiction... I think I am personally putting their checkers through college...) anyhow, I am jealous of your trifty ways...