Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gloss it over.

Despite my talk of carpeted Loo's in this household, I do, in fact, have a W.C. with some tile. This is a sad, sorry bathroom (didn't you think, Dara?). Good thing it's the boys' bathroom.

I'm sorry. That is all I can show you. I cannot have my house condemned or my children taken away just for one nasty bathroom floor.

Anywho, this floor. It's dull. Now, I don't mind a dull tile. But this just needs . . . It needs a little freshening up. It needs to slip into something more comfortable, if you will.

But it needs to be cheap. Something like the above. This stuff is like watery milk. It's also about $12, by the by. That's a cheap improvement, no?

Okay so, 1,348 clorox wipes later, and then you are good to roll this milk stuff on.

(don't talk about my tile like I'm not even here!)
1 coat.

2 coats.

3 coats.


(1 potata 2 potata 3 potata 4!)

Looks like I just mopped it. Hehehe. Better.


Dara said...

I do agree....
I hate to say it, not much thrilled me in that house, I am glad to see you like it and are making some great updates/changes to it!!! It needed someone to love and spruce it up...I was not that person!!!
So when are you coming over to work some Mandi Magic on my house????

Renee said...

WOW! That is awesome...I want tile just so I can have that shiny of a floor!

chris w said...

Nice improvement. I'll have to go get me some 'o that and spruce up our little sad kids' WC. (the WC is sad, not the kids)

Teri said...

Holy crap, what a difference! No tile in this rental, but I will definitely have to remember this post for future dull-tile-emergencies. :)

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

What an improvement, looks 100% better. Not judging cause my floors are pretty bad! I'm sure the boys will love their new skating rink (cause that's how boys are)! ;)

WhettenWild said...

How'd ya keep the boys off of it long enough to do that many coats? Does it take long to dry?

dena4kids said...

I really like it! Does it help with keeping the grout clean? Cause if it want it!