Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dead things, Mikey. Dead things.

It's all I see around me in the month of January. Dead, dreary, frozen, wasteland, bleh. We could skip the season of winter, and I'd be cool with that. Er, maybe I'd be warm with that?

I heard about this blog: "Unnoticed Beauty". Brittany takes pics of the stuff around her. Yes, even in ugly January. In her words: "I am loving what mother nature is doing to the outdoors this week. . ."

Man I wish I could feel like that. I adore this idea, and I told her so. And I headed out to try it myself.

I like to call these two "dead garden", hee hee.

That there leaf there is my favorite.

This here's my Dad's backyard-- I love that he has some fake leaves out there to shake things up.

Remember Sunday's fog and frost? Well I didn't get the fog (I had to be on time to church; again, it's part of my mental situation), but I did get the frost.

And it's been fun. Can't say I love winter, but it is a distraction.


Emily said...

I love your title to this post!! You can't get any better than Goonies!! You take awesome pictures!!

chris w said...

Ooooooh - I love the frozen leaf and the fog frost.

Hehe - lovin' the Goonies reference too. :)

WhettenWild said...

LOL! Gotta love Goonies. Great pics!

dena4kids said...

Oooo..I love the frost pics!

Love the Goonies!!! Rocky Road!