Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bunch of Zoobies.

I have a ton of these.

Tons of 'em. You see, I've written in a journal every.single.day for years upon years. Teenage angst, the college years, you name it, I've got it jotted down. Yes, lemme reiterate: I never missed one day.

And look at this crappy handwriting. You will never doubt me again when I say I have a minor handwriting problem again. Will ya, will ya? (Minor? Minor??)

Anywho, Jeff and I had a friend who came to visit when we were first married. That one nasty apartment in Provo. Shag yellow carpet. You know. Er, maybe ya don't. He said,
"You two are the biggest bunch of zoobies I know." And he laughed.

And I was sooooo offended. Jerk. I am not a zoobie.
If ya don't know what that means, well, the internet gives this definition:

A student at Brigham Young University.

But it's sooo much more than that. Let's keep it simple, though:

A Brigham Young University Student Nerd.
(Now lemme stop ya right here; this is not an 'insert BYU joke here' welcome. You do NOT have to have gone to BYU to be a zoobie. I know paaaaa-lenty of BYU haters that are Zoobs. Don't make me call you out!)

Rereading through these journal entries, I'm gonna have to give it up and be honest, here.

I really was a zoobie.
This is so nerdy I cannot bear to read it.

And finally, the point of all a this, is to tell you just why I update thee ole blog nearly daily.

It's in ma blood, man. (*no connection between Zoobieness and blog updating intended*).


WhettenWild said...

You are so awesome for writing in you journal everyday! I am SO bad at that. Plus, I hate going back to read what I wrote.

I'm ready and waiting for you to start calling some non-BYU zoobies out. This oughta be GOOD!

chris w said...

Wow - I am impressed! That is one recommendation from the prophets that I have been horrible at and feel really bad about. I'm so glad there is blogging to help me feel like I am at least doing it a little bit.

The Schoonies said...

Love the zoobie stuff! Too funny:) And your post about the boys riding bikes in the basement...unfinished basement are the BEST! Recently ours has been a roller rink!

dena4kids said...

I was just looking at the journals at work thinking,"Self you really need to get back to keeping one." I think it is a great habit to have.=)

Heidi said...

i'm impressed. I wish i was better at this>