Monday, December 28, 2009

You Know Me.

I think. Maybe. Well, maybe ya don't. But anyway,

If ya read this here blog you know I think funny shirts are, well, funny. And lately my new undertaking is trying to learn how to make personalized shirts, specifically, baby onesies as gifts. It's all about a new machine I got, which I shall discuss at some other juncture. If you have received one from me, well, I want to apologize. Because you are my guinea pig. I learn somethin new everytime I try one. Take this one.
It's for my niece Lucy, either to be born today or really really soon.
Which reminds me, I really ought to pick up my phone and call.

It turned out okay.

Anywho, I turn to the trusty interweb for inspiration. And I laughed my A off.

Soo bad.

I think these two just might be my faves:

muwawawa. I'd feel bad putting that on a girl, though.

Also a personal fave:

I can think of a couple moms to give that to.


Some of us need help sometimes:

This one is terrible:

But I couldn't stop laughing. What is wrong with me?

Don't want to be holdin' that baby when it cries. Ouch.
Seriously considering making this for Mckenna:

And finally:

All moms are shifting uncomfortably in their chair. Especially me.


chris w said...

So bad. So funny.

You got one of those machines? LUCKY!

Renee said...

LOL...that last one made me squirm & I've only had c-sections!

I think I'm rather lame at the moment...what machine? Is it an embroidery sewing machine? Do tell...

Heidi said...

lol! those were great!

WhettenWild said...

Those are funny! Send me pics of the new ones you make =)

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the onesies from a store on Magazine Street in New Orleans:

My crib (with a picture of a baby crib)

My ride (with a picture of a stroller)

Can't wait to hear about your new machine. Would love to know what cuts your vinyl lettering - a cricut?

Jen said...

OMGoodness! I love that last one. The fact that it's almost 3am here probably is playing a hand in this laughter also. Do tell what kind of amazing machine you purchased lately. I'm very interested. Hope you guys are doing well. We really need to catch up. Happy New Years!

dena4kids said...

That last one is bad! Those were funny! I like the one I'm what Willis was talking about. heehee. It made me giggle.=)