Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far Away.

For now, I've hung our stockings on thee ole mirror.

And I don't mind it. Actually I kinda like it. And dang it I ironed all those freakin' stockings and they still look like poo.

But anyways, I've got a dear, dear hubby, who spent quite a bit of his time off using a router and a saw. But that's all he had time for. My fireplace remains the same.

Oh good grief- come on. It's just pure laziness not to switch lenses for a better view. Sorry. Just a minute.

Okay, there. Wow behold the sooo clean carpet. Time to bust out the steam cleaner again. Anywho, this is the "before" picture, and I've got two random remarks (besides the carpet comment) to make:
1. I wanna show you just how close our TV is to the wall.

1/2 of a freakin' inch away. I still laugh about this. It's like the house was just made for us, hee hee. We got so lucky it fits.

And 2., or B.,
Yes, that is an ornament jammed inside the sound system. If you picked that out in the above picture, I now dub thee "Hawk Eye".

Johnny- ya fart knocker. I've gotta hunt down the pliers to try and yank that out. Hmm maybe calling your children fart knockers isn't good parenting? Anywho,

As I said before, Jeff did all the cutting. It's sittin' out in the garage to be assembled. His free time is gone, completely. It's up to me, man.

That trim in the middle there is called "Dentil". Don't have a clue why they named it that. (That's a joke there, sonny. A bad one).

Um, I'm sorry,

but this looks like I'm gonna assemble a friggin' all-white jigsaw puzzle. Drawing or no drawing-- that might as well be chinese for me.


Probably not. Hey, I'm not negative, I'm a realist. Doesn't mean I won't try. Stay tuned.


dena4kids said...

I have faith in ya girl!
Oh yeah and I don't see anything wrong with calling your kids fart knockers. Ok I have to go get my fart knockers to school.=)

WhettenWild said...


chris w said...

If you do that, you will win the ultimate high queen putting together Oprah of white jigsaw puzzles. I don't even doubt you'll do it.

...and who doesn't call their kids fart knockers?