Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kissin' the Glasses Goodbye.

Jeff's Christmas came 2 days early. We're kissin' the glasses goodbye. Huh, looks like we got 'em a bit dirty there.

He had lasik surgery this morning. And lemme just say, that is frickin' amazing, man. Laser beams can fix his eyes?

Yes, Mr. Biglesworth, "Laser. Beams." And now he's got 20/20 vision.?. It's a miracle! I am in awe about this.
Jeff said he felt like it was a sci-fi flick. And I had to tease: did ya get the rectal probe? hehehe.

I was totally the keep-your-eyes-closed-Jeff! police. I gave it up after about half the day.

And I like totally expected his eyes to be bloody-looking. At the very least, a tad bloodshot.

But they're all clear. And so's his vision.

Miracle, I tell ya. Thanks Uncle Gary for hooking us up! Er, I mean, thank you, Dr. Tremayne. ;)


WhettenWild said...

Glad it went well Jeff! No pain then?

That's so cool not to have to worry about glasses anymore!

dena4kids said...

That is sooo cool! I hate my glasses!I am going to have to go under the laser!=)
Congrats Jeff!