Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gramma's Goods.

Have you met my gramma? She's such a funny lady. To know her is to be amused by her, and to be amused by her is to know her. Or something.

Gramma is a lover of jewelry. She loves to wear it.

All at the same time. This is part of why we love her.

Anywho, she's been giving away and dividing up all her goods. I got to look through all this totally ra-ha-had stuff. It was so entertaining. Let's just show you a few of my favorites, shall we?
Take this ring, for instance.

Nope, sorry. That angle is just not gonna do it.

There. My dad dubbed it "The Carousel" ring.
How about this beauty?

Bracelets. . ..

You could have one of those in every.single.color. You know, I've always said my arms are too hairy. It's blonde hair and all, but still.

Trying this one on makes me wanna be Cleopatra next year for Halloween.

I really do want this "little" diddy.

I am serious. It's amazing-- It's incredible. You're gonna have to forgive me with the state of my skin. Paint, glue, spraypaint, etc., has done a number on my hands.

Dad called this one thee um,

what did you call it? Something about a bridge.

Moving on to necklaces. Very, very heavy necklaces. Like these:

Work your neck muscles! Work it, work it!

And finally, the pi-ece de resistance.

The chain mail necklace.

We wanted Jace to model it for us. He was so excited.

See? Sure hope I get that one. Now I know what you're thinking: "how can I get adopted into this family so I can get all up on that!?" Life just isn't fair.


Trina said...

If there was anyone that could make all of that look like the height of fashion, it would be you!

Renee said...

WOW...I love jewelry...all kinds! I love that your grandma has all sorts!! AND, I love that she wears it all at once instead of "waiting for a special occasion"...because then it just sits!


Is this the Grandma who had the "Bed & Breakfast" during the Olympics?!?

WhettenWild said...

Dude! I a missing out! move away from home and all of the good stuff gets taken. LOL! I hope you saved a couple of pieces of that for me........or not. ha ha.

dena4kids said...

You know I love the BLING!! My girls just kept
going "OHHH..pretty. WOW! Oh I love that!"=)

The Schoonies said...

That is some collection! Your grandma is a cute lady!