Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Our House To Yers.

Wanting you to know that our fugly Christmas sweater contest was rad, and when you can't find one, you have to improvise and make you're own.

Hope your Christmas Eve rocked. With fatty fat and sweet, sweet goodness galore.

That it was wild and crazy fun. (White elephant made and modeled by Moi. I should apologize).

Gramma sure thought it was a riot.

that Santa's already been here,

and I'm settling in for a long winter's rest.

Merry Christmas, y'all.


chris w said...

Your Christmas party looks like it was so fun it was almost illegal. I want to know the story behind the underpants. Holy crap those and the fugly sweater are awesome!

WhettenWild said...

Who ended up with the the undies? Jeff's shirt turned out so funny. Did the pregnancy test (with instructions in Espanish) rear its ugly head this year. Who has that anyway? LOL!

The Schoonies said... the rear end pic! awesome that jeff had lasik. Merry Christmas:)

Jen said...

I LOVE Jeff's christmas getup'. Did you make that shirt as well? Priceless! Great job making the christmas cards, they were darling. I hung it on the doorway with the other cards low enough for the boys to see. Lucas walked by and said, "Look mom, it's Jamison, Jace, Johnny and who is that Jamison is holding?" after I explained it was the new baby sister, Mckenna, he said " well, I knew Jamison wasn't gone for good!" Hilarious! Tanner walked by, looked at it far a while smiling as he named off all the kids, until he noticed a new little person in the mix.
***Tanner's conversation with himself and the picture..."Jace, Jamison, Johnny....hum, sum udder kid, like a baby..hahahaha" and proceeded to walk away. I tell ya, kids are a trip. sorry for the novel.