Friday, November 20, 2009

I Know What You're Thinking.

You're thinking "Holy Crap! She went three days without one assinine post!" Yep. Did it.

I was working hard. "Workin' hard or hardly workin', ay Mac?"
Well, both actually. It's hard to get things done when "mommy" is your full time job. But things are coming along.

I think there is such a thing as too much vinyl in one's house.

And I have crossed that thin, thin line.
I think I might be done. Now. Finally. Maybe. Yes.

And somewhere in the valley, my sister in law rejoices. And cries quiet tears of joy. No more orders from Mandi. (Well, except for that teensy weensy one for the growth chart. . . just that. . . one. I'm sorry!)

Anywho, gonna hang these in the playroom after they get a date on 'em.

The homies loved doing this. You should see Johnny's. It's a disaster. But that makes it all the more um, unique, right?

I'll keep plugging along at my lil ideas. Slowly. And I'll stop sharing them because it is beyond boring, I'm sure.

On a random side note, because you know I'm good for random,
today is Jam's "VIP" day at school. It's his turn. We made a poster for him with all the pictures he chose.

That's what I'll be doing this afternoon. I let him pick his treat to give the class.

And as Jace watched his brother put on his pictures, pick his treat, and listen to his mom and bro talk, he got so sad.

I'm not talking snotty "Hey I wanna do that!" sad. I mean, like, pretend not to be upset, wipe alligator tears from your cheeks, sad.

It would have made Ms. Hannigan run out and buy a poster just for him. I'm tellin you. So I let him pick his own pictures.

And he can have his own poster today. Poor kid.

And on a final random (my middle name is RANDOM!) note, I never showed you my birthday cake.

We are so much better off with half my head cut off. Too bad I can't cut out that chunky arm. Sigh.


Renee said...

VIP days at school are the best! :) Costco does a cool collage thing for $3...that's me being lazy.

That cake looks de-lish...& if you think your arms are shouldn't ever look at mine...ever!

:) BTW, what quote did you use for the "laughter" vinyl?????

chris w said...

Please don't stop posting your little decorating ideas. It's like having my very own Martha Stewart - except you're not all uptight and didn't do any time in prison.

um... and I'm gonna have to give you a big fat whatever about the "chunky arm".

WhettenWild said...

Poor Jace! He and Alexia always feel left out! I guess it is a "twin cousin" thing. Give him a big hug for me.

Jamison is so dang cute. I wish I could've seen his VIP thingy.

Love the handprints. I have to see Johnny's =)

dena4kids said...

You are such a good Mom! I amsure you made Jace feel special. Love the pics!