Sunday, November 22, 2009

Excuse me, I believe I ordered the large cappuccino. HELLO.

Check out these bowl-mugs:

Ra-ha-had, man. It was our Hot Chocolate night.
From posts6

Or, the "Christmas Preview", if you will.

Jeff got the christmas lights a goin' and turned 'em on (only for when people came over- we're strictly an "after Thanksgiving for Christmas decor" kind a family), a little Josh Groban Christmas was playin', and we drank our cocoa, man.

Boy, did we ever. Did you wet your pants that night? I did. 'nt.

And a Christmas Preview wouldn't be complete without the Signature Christmas Cheeseball. In all it's fatty fat goodness.

It's a secret family recipe, and only the privileged few are allowed this delicious recipe. And of course I'm like totally serious and stuff.

Who can forget the pumpkin pie?

And finally, to start the holidays off right, a viewing of "Christmas Vacation".

For the record, my favorite scene is at the height of Clark's psychotic episode: chugging down the egg nog. "It's good, it's good."
"What can I say except for, it's Christmas, and. . . we're all in misery." Hee hee.


dena4kids said...

Man, I love those mugs! That is the only way to drink the heavenly elixir.=)
(and I think that it is the law that you have to have Josh Gorban playing when you drink it. I'm not sure if the law specifically states that it has to be Josh Groban or just christmas music in general. You will have to look it up, every state is different. I bet in Utah you have to have some Mo Tab. I am just guessing though.=)

WhettenWild said...

OH GREAT! Now I am in the mood for a cheeseball. Thanks a lot =). Guess I'll have to make one this weekend. Oh I allowed to have the secret receipe?