Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank Heavens For Little Girls.

Just here to say that we still like Mckenna.

That wide smirk from my hubby is because he is making fun of me.

"That's not gonna go on the blog now, is it?"


But anyway, I suppose we'll keep her.

She's such a good girl.

Except for when she's not.

Still trying to figure out what that eye color is- it changes daily.

Speaking of eye color, what is it with 1 year olds and eyeballs? Why do they have to try and touch them?

I also can't believe she'll eventually have my hair color. I thought dark hair was the dominant gene?


The boys love her. They're always demanding to see her.

Jamison wants to prove to me he can hold her AND walk with her.


I will be glad when she's not the shiney new toy.
She's not the shiney new toy, boys!

That means you, Johnny.

She adores being held all skiwumpus.

Can't you tell?

Unfortunately I have to move her around with me throughout the house to keep her safe.

If I'm downstairs, she goes down. If I'm up, she goes up.

There's not many a place that a chair can't get a certain little boy to. Those shiney eyes are just too tempting.


dena4kids said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL! I WANT TO HOLD HER!!!!!(That is me throwing a tantrum!=) I miss the eye poking days.sigh.

The Schoonies said...

gotta love all of your helpers:) your pictures are all so good.