Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Other insane projects.

So I'm finally getting around to posting a couple other things I's doing while the hubby was still in NC, and I was bored to tears with no TV and no computer. Pre-baby. Believe me, I'm not bored now. My kids are giving me a serious run for my money. Like take today when I changed no less than 10 poopy diapers, and

sorry. I'm getting lost here. Onward.

So here's the before:

Aw crap. I really did take pictures of the before. But I'll be darned if they aren't on that snail of a computer I had for a week before I got my real one back. Please don't make me haul out that decrepit piece of sh. . .

So imagine with me. Please? I've got 2 bathrooms that are carpeted. Um, yeah. . . carpet and little boys who make little effort to aim even when I beg.

NOT good. So eventually Jeff shall tile. 'Cause Jeff is the master at tiling. (Hey Jeff could you tile one of the bathrooms soon-ish? I'll ban the boys to just that bathroom. Thanks, love ya. Mouah.)

So methinks: hey-- if we're gonna tile in here, why not change things around? I've got some extra paint. . .

And it just kinda snowballed.
First it was paint,

then my love for beadboard got the best of me so I's all in there nailing in some of that,

and then I decided -hey- why not a new mirror?

So I headed over to Target,

And I bought a new, heavy, mirror.

What kind of lunatic buys a totally heavy mirror with three boys in tow, being 8 1/2 months pregnant?

Anyways, then on to the master bath. It needed a little sumthin' sumthin'.
Hmm, how 'bout a little two tone and some chair molding?

I was worried about this at first until the molding went on the wall. Now, me likey.

And on a final, yet also random, note:

This empty room (Hi Jeffrey!) shall be filled on Thursday. Hurrah.


Renee said...

That looks great. I love that mirror. Is bead board really easy? I feel kind of intimidated by it...but I want to put it in my room, painted a deep shiny chocolate brown. What do ya think? Maybe we should talk paint!

BTW, who in the heck puts carpet in the bathroom?!?!

Renee said...
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dena4kids said...

I love the bathrooms! I really like the two toned walls. What is the name of the color in your living room? I really like it!
Nice job on the house!

WhettenWild said...

Looks great!!!!

The Schoonies said...

You are a way good decorator. Love bead board. Looks nice!

Ryan and Rachel said...

Love the house. You're doing an amazing job.