Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Naked Gun, Part Deux.

Alright- naked gun has nothing to do with it. Unless you count that my boys prefer nudity, but that's besides the point.

Part Deux. What I was up to. Pre-baby. Thee boys room.

Come on in. Can't promise it's clean.

While I contemplated whether or not to put our boys in the same room for months, the paddles I had already ordered for Jace and Jamison became discontinued. Can you believe the nerve?

So my daddy-o came to save the day. He's all "You need a paddle for John. I'll make you one." Dude-duh. Can you believe that? Same exact shape. I just chose to paint it in navy. Mad skills, I tell you!

I think my favorite part of the room is their fishy pillows.

That's really all the pics of their beds I'm taking. They're bunkbeds and boy, they're difficult to make orderly. I'm tempted to take them apart and make separate twins, but I know the boys would cry.

Alright alright. I already did try taking them apart and they already cried.

Another angle:

And another:

We're missing the hammock. But that's for another day, me hardees.


Heidi said...

Nice Mandi! and props to your dad!

WhettenWild said...

It turned out really cute! Did you put the beds back together or did you keep them apart?

dena4kids said...

I Love the stripes! It looks AWESOME!

Jen said...

Looks great! I'm sure they love it!

The Schoonies said...

oh my goodness you are a decorating machine!