Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a bad mom.

I haven't kept up on my kids well child visits, or their immunizations.

I know. Shame on me.

But it's hard when we've lived all over- who wants to continue to transfer records over and over?

Well, the time of reckoning has come. Jamison had to get caught up before school starts. So on we headed over.

It took 3 people to restrain the poor boy while he had his shots. I feel bad, man.

Two shots in each leg. Total utter chaos. I think he felt lied to since I didn't say a word about it until they came in with the actual needles.

My guilt levels are just rising, man.

We also made a very important discovery while there. The classic eye exam. From 15 feet Jamison couldn't read the 3rd line on the letter chart. Holy crap. The nurse assumed he just couldn't read his letters and switched him to shapes.
By the 3rd line, we knew there was a problem when she said "do you see anything on this line?"
and he said "a dot."

Yeah. Problems. Good thing Uncle Gary is a doctor of the eye. Doctor Tremayne.
Doesn't it roll off the tongue?
"Doctah Tremayne". Ah yeah. Hee hee.

So we made a visit. I reassured him he'd probably only have to wear his glasses if he can't see the chalkboard. I'm full of lies. Lies! He needs to wear them all the time. It's that bad. Here they are.

He wanted a picture of his glasses case.

And his glasses inside.

I can oblige that.

When he tried on different frames, he kept asking "who do I look like?" I finally got smart. I started saying "You remind me of Lucas!"

And voila. No more upset little guy.

All he needed was a reminder that he's got a friend who wears glasses and looks great.



Jessie said...

He looks adorable! Don't feel bad about the shots...you may have just saved him from some horrid sickness or disease! :)

I want to see some more house pics and a baby, of course. ;)

Heidi said...

He looks great. i love that the Lucas comment helped.

WhettenWild said...

He looks SO Cute in the glasses!

I always feel bad when my kids have to get shots because they hate them so bad! At least he didn't have to worry about it for a couple of weeks before hand. Believe me.........he would've worried about it. Garrison and Hailey are trying to get out of boosters that they don't have to get until they are 11.

He really does look so cute in his glasses!

Jen said...

I love, love the glasses! I think every kid should have to wear glasses! I was a little worried to begin with that he may get picked on or jsut feel out of place. Glad to say that we haven't encountered that problem yet. Jamison, you look very handsome.

My Name's Sarah said...

I love little kids in glasses. He looks like Jeff!

Renee said...

Those glasses are dang cute!!!

I hate shots...my lil' P gets that sad cry where no noise comes out & first & then holy wailing....


dena4kids said...

Sorry about the shots! Next time won't be so bad. Love the glasses! He looks very cute!