Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's the story, morning glory.

I'm so glad I'm on the other side of this story, let me tell ya.

So, Thursday, Aug. 13th- the day after my due date. Had my appointment with the doc in the afternoon.

He's all, "So, when's this baby coming? What do ya wanna do now?"

I da know.

He checks me, says I'm dilated to 4 or 5 and ready to go (this is huge for me- usually I'm lucky if I dilate early to a 1).

And he's all "ya wanna be induced? How 'bout tomorrow morning? No wait I'm busy tomorrow how about right now?"

And I'm all "Um. . . .okay."

And he's all "Kay hurry over 'cause the nurses are about to switch shifts and they get lazy right before they go home."

And that's when I totally freaked and knew there was no way I could turn down the beautiful epidural. I'm too chicken. Chicken, man.

So hurry I did. I called me hubby and picked him up and my parents were kind enough to run over and watch the boys.

Wow I'm brave to post that picture. Whew. Yowser.

You know how long it takes to really get things started- the nurse says she'll be "right back" and you're lucky if she's back in 20.

Here's the mess they made of my IV. Wow my hand looks meaty.

Anyways- I can see why people enjoy being induced, man. So smooth. So calm. The nurse was cracking me up, the anesthesiologist was hysterical- I could barely hold still.

And this is me cursing Jeff for taking pictures of all of me.


My doc came in at 8:40 or so to break my water. He's all "Hmm, I have a feeling I shouldn't go far. I'm gonna grab a bag of chips and be right back."

Right he was. The nurse checked me 20 minutes later, I was at an 8. She's all "okay call me when you feel tons of pressure." I called her back not 2 minutes later. I'm all "Um yeah. NOW."

Since my feet were like fat hams at the bottom of my bed, I figured I was good to go and needn't push the button for more medicine. Oh ho, that was a mistake. In a matter of minutes my back felt ready to explode on my left side. Wow. That back pain is something, man. I'm like begging Jeff "push the button dude my back is going to burst!"

And of course pushing the button succeeded in my whole left leg becoming a huge fat salami. AFTER giving birth. Ah well. Ya have to experience some pain for it to count, right? Not to mention that it stayed numb until 4:00 in the morning and gave out on me and I crumbled to the floor while attempting to walk to the bathroom. But anyways. . .

9: 14 pm, 8 lbs., 14 oz-- and this little girl was seriously ticked. I've never had a kid scream so loud for so long.

But she hasn't cried like that since. Thank heavens. Poor girl looks identical to her bro, John, there. 'Cept for the golden tint to her hair.

Did I mention Jeff wears contacts now? That was random.

Look at my purty, purty flowers.

Thank you, Mo & Tiff!

And all the boys adore her.

And her mommy, too.


WhettenWild said...

Your boys are right. You do look like Mom! That is a huge compliment of course.

Screaming newborns are good. Then you don't have to worry their lungs right?

I think her hair is the same color that Macy's was when she was born. Wouldn't it be crazy if her hair is as blonde as Macy's?

That picture of Jamison with the baby is SO cute!

Jen said...

I want to hold her! Don't know what it's like to hold a baby! I'm sure the boys will be a big help. BTW, when did you get your bangs cut? They look great! I seriously believe that women have super hero powers if they ever give birth. Looks like Jeff got lasik? Yeah Jeff, I bet he loves not wearing his glasses! Can't wait to see if Miss McKenna is going to be a little blondie!

Heidi said...

Love the pic of Jamison and McKenna! I hope the boys help you out. Your haircut looks great!

dena4kids said...

I can't believe you have a girl. It feels weird.(in a good way!) I want to hold her too!!! Get my purple room ready!!!=)

Andrea said...

So cute, congrats, we are super happy for you! I really want to come hold that weird? I hope not, and I have a million bows I want to give you, so could I get your address?

The Schoonies said...

She looks so sweet and you look great! She is going to have lots of great teachers with those brothers:)

My Name's Sarah said...

Wow-- three big brothers to take care of her. That is one lucky girl! Congratulations to you and Jeff. That's awesome!