Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school! First day of school!

Sorry, we've been watching too much Nemo.

This little boy was pretty excited today.

He only put his backpack on 2 hours early was all.

He was kind of nervous to go until I informed him that he'd most likely be the largest AND oldest in his class.

All fear gone, man.

And I didn't cry. Because crying right now wouldn't be a good idea for me. It wouldn't be that sweet tear rolling down the cheek. Oh ho no. In my post partum state, it'd been all out blubbering.

Best to keep that to myself. I don't need all the other moms staring at that one "crazy" mom.

Speaking of crazy moms, no offense to us, but we were all a bunch of nerd moms with our camera's, showing up 15 minutes early and snapping pictures.

Except this nerd mom had her camera battery run out. I missed the whole class blowing their moms a kiss before they headed inside. Aw shucks.


Jessie said...

He looks so grown up! You have an excuse for lack of camera battery...all of those cute pics of your new little girl!!!

I won't have the "you're the oldest/biggest" reassurance available next year. I may have to find another trick.

WhettenWild said...

That 4th picture is SO darling. You should get an 8x10 of that.

I would have totally cried when all of the kids blew their mom a kiss. I'm such a baby. I almost cried when Garrison and Hailey went into the school holding hands. Then I almost cried again when they came out after school holding hands.

Heidi said...

He does look so grown up! I hope you had a good day. How did Jace do?

Alissa said...

i'm a cold-hearted mom... i'm SO relieved to have them gone to school that I shed tears of JOY at their departure.

also, nice cell phone pocket on that bag...

The Schoonies said...

trent just saw jamison's pic and said "oh my gosh that is a mini jeff!"

dena4kids said...

A least you remembered your camera. I forgot mine! I had to use my dumb cell phone.=(
Jamison does look like a mini Jeff!
I hope he enjoyed his class!

Jen said...

Mandi, Jamison is getting so big. Those pictures are amazing. Green is a great color for him. Can you believe that our "Oldest" babies are in school?!!!? It still blows my mind.

dena4kids said...

Love the glasses Jamison!=)