Monday, July 27, 2009

Lessons in Manlyness.

I'm trying to be self-sufficient, here. If I got a crazy idea, I wanna be the one doing the work. This is how I've realized that I am completely inept when it comes to manly stuff. Hammers, Drills, saws, nail guns, air compressors, you name it. Inept, people. Take my first shot at hanging a shelf.
10 minutes tops, right?

He he. . . he. 45 minutes. With lots and lots of cussing. Hey, at least I know how to switch drill bits (after a phone call) and how to do a drywall anchor.

And shouldn't my little rose hanger doo-dad have been so simple?

It wasn't. Let's just say I couldn't do it on my own.

And here we have the oh so simple replacement of the toilet seat.

Yet somehow, it wasn't simple. For me. And who wants to hang over their toilet seat for an extended period of time?

Oh and speaking of bathrooms, putting the toilet paper holder back on the wall. Good grief (more on why I took it off later).

What would ya say? 5 minutes? At least 5 for me to just figure out how the dang thing is supposed to be hung.

What? These don't look straight with each other?

Well dang it, the nails are. I used the freakin level for these. Really, I did.

And then, you just get to a point where you don't care anymore about doing it "right".

And that's when you hang a whole wall of decorations with nails. Wherever the nail and hammer may land. Whatever blows your skirt up, man.


dena4kids said...

Well it may have taken a little longer, but what you did looks GREAT! I love the blue and white stripes!Is that the boys room? I can't wait to see their AWESOME pillows!=)

WhettenWild said...

You did better than I would've done!

Jen said...

Great job getting all that done! I haven't ever fixed a toilet. Way to go! Love the boys room. So far it looks amazing. I'm ready for the full room pictures, when you get a chance.