Monday, July 20, 2009

"Aahh. Now we can relax a little."

That's what Jeff said when we got our kids to the airport, dropped off the luggage, and got all of us through security and to the gate.

Did you know that airports have their own EMT's, police, and paramedics? I didn't.

But I know now, 'cause not minutes after Jeff said that, John tripped and slammed his head into the corner of a marble table.

Dude, I freaked. Head wounds bleed like a mother. This is after we'd cleaned the blood off of him and Jeff.

My kids are all- "hey why's their a fire engine by our plane?" Um, yeah. That's for Johnny. All I could think was- well there goes our flight. No way we're making it on this one. The kid clearly needs stitches.

But after the EMT, paramedics, and a police report, (and the plane boarding) they told us we were okay to head on home, but a stop needed to be made for stitches asap.

And that was our first exciting little trip in Utah. Straight to urgent care. Just some glue and steri-strips, though.

And now he's just missing half his crazy eyebrow and he's got a potentially permanent war wound.

P.S., is 3 freaking weeks a reasonable amount of time to wait for the internet? Curse you, Comcast.


dena4kids said...

I am glad Johnny is OK. Also I am glad you got your internet! Man I was having withdraws!=)

Jen said...

I had no idea that the airports were so greatly equipped! Glad everything is better. Hope you guys are settling out in good ole' Utah~

WhettenWild said...

Glad you finally got your internet! How is Johnny's eye doing anyway?

Ryan and Rachel said...

Never a dull moment.... miss you guys but glad you made it there and you're surviving!

The Schoonies said...

Yeah, you're back online!!! I missed all of your exciting posts. Poor little guy and poor you. That could not have been a fun experience. And I agree with you on the comcast.

Renee said...

WELCOME BACK!!! hee you live so close...& I've been missing you online! lol...

Poor Johnny! Is it all better now? I remember when Monique told me about it. I would have freaked out!