Sunday, June 14, 2009

We interrupt

our moving hell, to take a little down time with the fam. Jeff got off the entire weekend (which never happens) and we enjoyed ourselves. Quietly. At home. 'Cept for a couple fun little trips around town (visit to Lowe's to pick out stuff, and a little eating out for breakfast, yum.)
And would it be a Tremayne weekend without backyard shenanigans? I think NOT.
Jamison's project for the day: his picnic.

Not so sure what was so funny-

but he was in stitches.
I've got to police the boys from chatting with the neighbors too much. Don't have a clue what they're telling them over there.

But I mentioned shenanigans. Specifically, water shenanigans.

Ain't that a cute little pool?

Much excitement over the new water guns. And mommy made up new rules.

1. Only boys can get sprayed, but not girls.
2. If you have short hair, you can get sprayed. But not if your hair is long.
3. Only not pregnant people can be sprayed.
4. If your name begins with "J" you can get sprayed, but if it begins with "M" you're exempt.

None of these worked for me.

And of course the classic water balloon fight.

And it's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt.



Geez thanks for cementing our redneck status.

Not pictured:
-catching fireflies
-tag in the rain
-2 older boys getting stung by bees


Heidi said...

That looks like a LOT of fun. Glad you got the family time

Jen said...

ROTFL! Love this post. Yes, that frog pool is cute. I need to get ours out so the boys can use them. That shot of Jamison is priceless. The censored one of Jace had me rolling. I guess my boys have had too much of an impact on your boys. lol! Or maybe it was Owen?!!? Just wait ti; you get a breeze of a stinch and then we'll know who the winner is....LOL!

Renee said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Where did you get that frog pool??

WhettenWild said...

Glad Jeff got some well deserved time off! Hope you guys had fun.

The Schoonies said...

this post cracked me up. your boys always look like they are having so much fun and that is such a cute little pool. you are an awesome mom! happy anniversary!