Thursday, June 18, 2009

The (not so) funny things people say

Now I'm not sayin' I think all these are insulting. Sure is interesting what comes out of some people's mouths (mostly stranger's mouths), though. And it's also too bad that I've forgotten a ton of them. Dena swears I'm the only one who gets so many comments from strangers. I'm starting to think she's right.

1. "Did you swallow a watermelon?"
2. "You really pop out early. WOW."
3. "You're sure carrying that baby high. It must be a girl."
4. "Hey come here. Those are all yours? Wow. I once saw a lady with 7 kids. . ."
5. "So are ya just pregnant or did you get fat?" (okay okay this is the only one that's not from this pregnancy but it is by far the most tactless).
6. (with mild disgust): "Sooo. . . another one, huh?"
7. "Well now that you're having a girl you can go send your husband to get fixed."
8. "Whoa. You must really like kids."
9. "Are ya growing an army?"
10. "Wow. You've got your own basketball team!"

and finally:
11. "Gain a pound or two, did we?"


WhettenWild said...

I think you actually forgot a few although I can't remember them off hand. You'll have to edit them once one of us remembers them.

Jen said...

These are those people who just don't think before they speak. Truth be known,I bet they're just jealous of how amazing you look pregnant and post pregnancy. My favorite memory for myself is when I worked in the ER in Idaho. I was at least 7 months pregnant with Lucas at the time. I walked into a patients room when the lady looked at me, pulled up my shirt and started to rub my belly. I nearly sent her flying across the room. Ding-Dong!

dena4kids said...

I like #9. It made me giggle! You forgot to put the fact that most of these comments were made by people WELL old enough to know better.