Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leavin', On a Jet Plane/Why You Should Always Take Your Camera

We're headin' out tomorrow-- middle of the night. Wish us luck with our boys on a long flight (at least there's no layover).

-Reasons why you should always take your camera with you:

-No pictures of our, well my, final girl's night out (thanks Stef & Jennifer for the cake! Didn't you want to see pictures of Dena and I cutting the cake and shoving it in each other's faces?)
-No pictures of my surprise baby shower (and was I ever surprised! Thank you thank you Jennifer, and EVERYone else who came and helped!)

Love you girls. Mouah.

-And finally, I don't know when I'll have a computer again, let alone the internet. So for now, it's over and out. 10-4, good buddy.


WhettenWild said...

That was super nice of the NC girls to do that shower for you. You gals are the best =)

See ya tomorrow!

Jen said...

We had a great time! Sorry it was so last minute. I'll have to get those pictures of you and Dena cutting the cake. What a fun GNO! Are you ready to jump back on a plane and come back? Come on! We'll have a birthday party for Jamison tomorrow!

dena4kids said...

It was fun times! I got your email today and I will send you some pics. MISS YA GIRL!=)