Saturday, June 6, 2009

If you like Pina Colada's

The Carolina's have had some wacky weather. I mean, check out Greensboro a couple days ago.

It didn't head south, luckily. But that doesn't mean we didn't get some mean rain. And ya know, I like gettin' caught in the rain as much as the next gal, so when my kids asked to go play in it I said "Well, sure. But take off your outfit first!" Because hey- avoiding extra laundry is so much more important than trying to refute our redneck status. Right? Right.
From June 09

Jamison still recalls playing out in the rain in his diaper back in Houston. Aahh, Houston- and it's warm-as-bath-water rain.

Hey at least the babe was dressed. I actually didn't want him out there. But
monkey see, monkey do. He can't be left out.

Why is there a green rubbermaid container out there?

Someone's in it.

In all his saggy-undies butt glory.


dena4kids said...

We have had some CRAZY rain! My garden loves it but Nathan doesn't.(Hecan't ride his hog!=)

The Schoonies said...

whoa...crazy rain! and speaking of Houston the air is sooo hot there. you were a good sport for living there:) when i went there i felt like i could not breathe.

WhettenWild said...

That's a whole lotta rain. Glad it's warm rain!

Jen said...

I would say, at least I'm in UT right now, but it's been raining a lot here too. I bet NC isn't considered in a drought anymore.