Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goings Ons.

Mommy can't sew,

so he took matters into his own hands and made his own "robot shirt".

Mommy said no more watermelon- it's for dinner,

so he decided to help himself and dig it out with his fingers 'til it's hollowed out.

And this lil 'un is Goldilocks, 'cause he's trying everyone else's beds out. He can be found at one point or another in the day

all tucked in. All by hisself.


dena4kids said...

LOL! I love Jace's expression! Noah does that too. He will tuck himself in for a nap and I have to run all through the house and check every bed to see which one he is in today.=)

WhettenWild said...

LOVE the robot shirt. That is So cute and creative!

Renee said...

That is too cute, the robot shirt! I can't wait for watermelon...mmmmmm... I love how your lil'man is spying on you as you take the picture! :)

Love your blog, I love how you keep it real!