Friday, May 22, 2009

We bit the big one.

No, we didn't die. We bought a (different) house.

Do you know what this means? I actually have somewhere to move into. Somewhere to live. I don't have to guess anymore. Wanna take a tour? No? Oh.

Kay, here's the dining room, (I'm hard of hearing)

and across the way we have the living room,

and the family room,

Here's the kitchen.

The mudroom/laundry room,

and finally, thee master bedroom.

And that concludes the tour. Thank you, and come again.


dena4kids said...

I LOVE IT!! I would buy it for the family room alone!(and the kitchen, oh and the laundry room, and...oh you get the idea.=) I love all the windows. Congrats girl! Hey you didn't show a picture of my room!=)

Alissa said...

poor you. you have to live there.

the natural light is making my phototrigger-finger itchy.

WhettenWild said...

YAY! I love it! And now you aren't homeless....definite plus!

My Name's Sarah said...

Nice digs!

Renee said...

Yay!!! Where are you moving to?

The Schoonies said...

it looks very nice! congrats!

Jen said...

Great house! I love the kitchen. Now you'll finally have a working oven!! Yeah you!

Andrea said...

I love the house. It is sooo nice. Where are you moving to?