Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daily Dose

The morning's daily dose:

Without it, I'd be one itchy, nearly constantly sneezing, pyscho hose beast. (have you heard me sneeze 10 times in a row?)

The 3:00 am dose:

It's been bad this time, people. BAD. Like, either get this acid to calm down or barf in a few minutes kind of bad. Maybe my babe will have a lot of hair? Did you know that's not an old wives tale? But I've had heartburn all other pregnancies, and while the boys surely weren't bald, they didn't have full heads of hair, either.


dena4kids said...

Wouldn't that be so cute? Alot of curly hair.=) All my kids were bald till they were a year old.

Mo said...

Well mom swears that she had really bad heartburn with all of us and we all had a TON of hair. I however didn't have any heartburn at all with Jackson and that boy had a serious rug on his head. I guess that doesn' mean much though because I don't really get heartburn. So there we are back to square one. LOL!

Jen said...

I feel for ya girl. Just think, not much longer and no more heartburn. Every time I was pregnant I had the worst heartburn. Just imagine...... "a fire breathing, extremely bloated, off yo' rocker, super-sized kankle waddling dragon" Yep, I think that pretty much sums up me being pregnant! LOL!

Andrea said...

Amen on the allergy pills. Man we all have them bad here. As far as the tums go...I can't help you there, but I am sure it sucks!