Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Signs Mommy might need a time out.

-Maybe 'cause I've yelled at least twice a day this week "You GUYS! Keep the pee in the potty. There is a river in here!" and I don't even bother to put the clorox wipes away.

-Or maybe 'cause John woke up again at quarter to 6, and I put my pillow over my head and screamed, and then kicked the bed for a while.

-Or maybe 'cause the house was all locked up, shoes were on, hair combed, and seatbelts properly latched, and then Jace told me he needed to go potty. So I told him to go. In the backyard.

-Or maybe 'cause 2 boys had bad dweams and ended up in my bed, in my spot, and I ended up on the couch.

-Or maybe 'cause I heard a very loud thud as I cooked dinner last night, and I instantly knew Johnny'd finally fell off the top of the piano.

-Or maybe 'cause after I scrubbed the tub, I stood up and the faucet scraped down my back and my rear. And that was when my no-cursing rule when right out the window. For about a minute straight.

-Or maybe 'cause I can hear my kids stampeding towards me, and I yell out before they even get there "Stop right now. No, you can't have another drink. Not. One. More. Just walk away."

Well, I haven't yelled at anyone for coloring outside the lines.



Jen said...

ROTFL! Girl, you need a break. Bring the kids over tomorrow and you go have some you time!

dena4kids said...

I think we need a girls night! Play games, have yummy "health" food(aka chocolate), talk about boys,braid hair,etc you know girl stuff!=)

Alissa said...

i'll tell you what a told a friend yesterday.

Young lady! Go to your closet, right now! Take that pint of Haagen Dazs and a spoon and don't you DARE come out until it's gone!

WhettenWild said...

You may not have yelled at anyone for coloring outside of the lines but You and Johnny are starting to watch the same TV shows....and your likin' 'em. You're losing it! LOL!
I couldn't resist. That line in "Mr. Mom" is one of my all time favorites. Especially since I'm a mom now and I KNOW what he means. ha ha.

Can I hire you a babysitter so you can go do something fun???

Ryan and Rachel said...

You, my friend, are fabulous. Just wanted to throw that out there.