Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paddle Faster.

Oh ho man I loved this shirt from Gatlinburg:

If you don't get it, then you haven't seen "Deliverance". And then don't go watching it, 'cause it's seriously disturbing.

Anywho, Gatlinburg is like a cross between Park City, Utah, and Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. If that means anything to you.

This picture is right after I said "Mom you should feel sooo thin standing next to me."

And then I saw the picture tonight and realized I look even more bloated than I feel.

I grabbed my kids a lil toy while we shopped up and down the streets.

Arrrr. And leave it to Jace to find some usefulness with it:

Oh. Excuse me. I interrupt to rudely stare/snap two otherwise cute little brothers:

Cruel and unusual punishment with those coifs.


Anyway on to delicious things:

Of course I had to stop for one of thems. The caramel smell was wafting out onto the street. I'm such a sucker for caramel apples.

And continuing with delicious things, when we first arrived my parents humored me and we ate at my favorite restaurant.
Logan's Roadhouse. . .

my, oh my. And that would be bleu cheese running down Jace's face.

They both love it. Good boys.
And while you can't see it, Johnny was making huge efforts at stabbing the table with his fork. So my dad came up with the idea of sticking a peanut on the end to protect the table.

"Why is the cork on the fork?" ;)
Here my dad attempts to show me just how I look while I'm eating.

Kidding, of course.


dena4kids said...

I love Jace picking his nose! That cracked me
up!=) Looks like fun!

WhettenWild said...

Good thing that hook is plastic. LOL. The same thing came to mind for me as did for you when Dad put the peanut on the fork. ha ha!

Those carmel apples look so good!

The Schoonies said...

Ok, I am hungry now!! The pictures of your kids with their grandparents are so cute! Those will be good memory keepers.

Heidi said...

That looked like a very fun trip. I love the other little boys hair...awesome! You look great!