Friday, April 10, 2009

At last. . .

We arrive in Chee-cago. The ride wasn't bad, if that darned Indiana wasn't such a long state. Yeesh.

Cousins back together. My boys were so excited. They said they were staying for "30 days! No. A MILLION days!" Yeah, if you want your aunt to run screaming in the other direction.
So we dined at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ever been? We thought of you, Britton, the entire time. Really.

Can you see Jace pouting in the corner? Give it a rest, son.
My spicy ranch chicken sandwich. Dude.

Now, the crowns were totally cool and everything, but I'm not so sure I'd want to be a "Buffalo Princess". . .

Anyway, the following morning was a well-enjoyed Easter egg hunt. And seconds after saying "Ready. Set. Go!" Kids all over the field were crying. But not ours, though. Yet.

That top right corner pic looks like Jamison and Jace, huh? It's Garrison and Jace. Fooled ya.

See, if you got an egg with a star on it, you got a prize. Our older kids got lucky.

That lollipop just rocks. And that's when the tears started. Jace had no star.

But moving on. . .
Between conference sessions we hit it for some serious shopping. I believe my sister just might be a good luck shopping charm.

I'm sure for a small fee she could be available for you, too. See, the last time I hit it with her, I hooked all my boys up with clothes that cost no more than 99 cents. Now, this time, the boys department was totally lacking. But my lil girl is totally hooked up for the winter.

Now, I'm not gonna tell you every single thing was less than $1.99 (ignore tags), but nearly all of it was. Suhweet.
And finally, after all that hard work, a mom's gotta have something for herself.

I fully expect to brake an ankle just getting down from the organ on Sunday. Oh, and thanks Mo for letting me borrow your ankle, as opposed to my kankles.

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WhettenWild said...

Gotta love Jackson picking his nose in that first picture. LOL. Thanks for coming! We miss you guys already!