Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Week In Pictures


is my son showing how to fight "the bad guys" with dinner's broccolli. Everything's a weapon in this here house.

And this

was how I got Ron John to stop pinching my buns 'cause he wanted up while I was cooking. One box of raisins. That's all it takes.

The boys were excited to get these this week:

and speaking of Easter,

I wasn't aware kids got to make a list to the Easter Bunny, too. This list is doable, though.

But check out the list Jamison made all by hisself for his mommy.

Wow. I'm thinking I could make out like a bandit.

Now I know that Johnny-jump-up can open containers of lunches and mix and match:

Nasty. Would you kids close the doggone fridge?

And finally, I think 4D ultrasounds make any baby look kinda freaky/melting-waxed-candle like. This is no exception.

But still cool technology, no?


WhettenWild said...

Oh look how cute she is already.

I love your list for Easter......maybe it could be Easter/Mother's Day.

The baskets turned out super cute!

The Schoonies said...

Love the broccoli weapon, the Easter baskets and lists are too cute and the 4d ultrasound is crazy. Technology is amazing. So fun to find out what you are having. Your boys are going to be so sweet with their little sister!

Jen said...

Love those easter baskets! Where'd ya get em'? Very cute! My babies never looked good on those 4-d ultra sounds. It looked like Lucas had this huge growth on his nose on his! Thank goodness it was just the cord or somefluid or something!