Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake.

We had a lil superbowl get together with great friends Sunday, and Jace thought it was his birthday party. I wasn't about to correct the boy. What, am I crazy?

(Thanks Jennifer for taking pictures-- I hate when I forget to take pictures of important things.)
So, I went ahead and made a cake, 'cause why not?

And there I am, sporting my usual oh-so-photogenic look. I really ought not be photographed.
Then came his real b-day day, and we took him to his favorite place to eat: Golden Corral. I'm serious. They love it there.

And the usual plate 'o food: fried chicken, fries, and pizza. Hey now-- they even it out with a serious helping of fruit afterward.

So, um, mommy couldn't find the wrapping paper. So we used paper.

Never mind that there are blue prints of a certain food plant on the other side-- Jamison had a lot of fun decorating Jace's presents.
Oh, and there were roller skates and a samurai sword inside. I already regret the latter.
Jace asked how many more days 'til his next birthday already-- "363, son."
Yeah. I remember feeling that way, too.


Jen said...

I love the decorating Jamison did on the presents! Great job buddy! That's another reason I usually buy that brown packaging paper. The kids LOVE to decorate gifts. Plus it keeps them busy for at least an hour! Speaking of which, my stinkin' cat, Jack, totally ruined my last roll! Think I should play a little Slap Jack?!?!?! LOL

WhettenWild said...

CUTE! Glad he had a good birthday!

dena4kids said...

Thanks for letting us come over! It was fun!!!

The Schoonies said...

The more birthday celebrations the better!! I love the question of when is my next 3 year old is planning what he wants to do for his birthday everyday and it is not until August!