Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day In The Life.

As it is a mundane Monday, why not document a typical day in the Tremayne household? Come on. You know you want to document a typical day, too.

Sometime in the middle of the night:
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He had a bad dream, and so he ends up on my couch.

8:00 or so (I know I'm spoiled-- for now.)
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Johnny's serenading the family to wake up.

"Mom-may, can I play on your compooter?"
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They're either laughing together or beating each other up.

Shower time. This little man pushes his way in and screams to be let in with me.

You can lock him out; he'll just scream at the door. Yes, this picture does make me sad.

At very least, 3 times a day:
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"Jamison hurt me!"

John's very favorite passtime.

I typically bring in two armfuls of cans back to the cabinet each day.

Every time he needs a change:

Imagine serious fits of giggles, 'cause he thinks he's gonna get away each and every time.
And there's always that weird crap that happens.

What. Is. That. ?

Dinner's ready. Lemme just say that the idea of a ginormous sub was a big hit. Try it out. They loved layering the meat and cheese, "like that place that says 'Eat Fresh'!"

And there's nothing better than a sandwich bigger than your head.

Hey Jeff, dinner's ready. 'Sbeen ready for an hour or more. (Um yeah this is me thinking this at about 8:00 pm lately)
Or like when I made this. And I basted that son of a bleep every half hour.

It did taste good. But Jeff had eaten in his meeting that evening already. That must be a Murphy's Law. I swear it is.
So I know you can't believe the utter excitement of a typical day around here. How 'bout you?


Jen said...

Sounds like our house! Love the picture of johnny trying to run away from the diaper monster. And the one with Jamison and the stickers I really laughed at cause last night Lucas decided that he should put tape on the exact same places plus all over his face. Must've been something in the air yesterday!

Jessie said...

i love the placement of those gemstones! LOL

i felt a sense of panic when i saw that picture of johnny playing in the cupboard. it looks as though things have been randomly shoved OCD just can't handle that, but if you can, I guess that's all that matters. :)

that dinner looks gourmet and delicious!

The Schoonies said...

love the documentary of your day. it made me think about all the adventures we had today...i might have to do the same one of these days. that's awesome that your boys will eat sandwiches with meat on them (mine will not) and i think the crying pics are my favorite...we've all been there...everyday!!

dena4kids said...

A giant sandwich sounds GOOD!=) I LOVE the pictures of Jamison! Girl me and Nathan could not stop laughing! LOVE IT!

Andrea said...

Oh it's good to know someone else lives in daily, no hourly chaos! The stickers are a hit, what a creative child, and of course the day would not be complete without several "meltdown" as I call them (crying episodes) if your wondering if it's me or the kid, it's both!

WhettenWild said...

Love the picture of Jamison and Jace with the stickers. LOL!!