Friday, January 16, 2009

We're all done.

The before:
From johnnysurgery

It's early morn, freezing cold, and Johnny's in his jammies (they told me to bring him in his jammies. Seriously they did). See those top two teethies? No enamel.
From johnnysurgery

Here we are, in our little hospital gown/jammies/thingys.
From johnnysurgery

Which don't fit too well.
From johnnysurgery

$1300 (min) later-but hey, he got an adorable stuffed monkey out of it.
From johnnysurgery

Take that, little monkey.

Only the nerdiest of mom's would ask to take a picture with the doctor.
From johnnysurgery

Yeah, get that finger out of there.
And in he goes for anesthesia. And out he comes a bawling, a little shook up, and a very sore throat from the breathing tube.
From johnnysurgery

And a little IV patch up.

But now mommy needn't worry that her son will wake up one day screaming from tooth pain, even if they do look a little bucky beaver-ish. That'll take a little getting used to.
Oh, and mommy didn't cry. (although she did nearly blubber a half-dozen times).


WhettenWild said...

SO glad that is all done. He is such a sweetie! Give him a big hug from me!

dena4kids said...
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dena4kids said...

Glad Johhny is doing OK! Hope he gets better for Sunday so he can have his roast beef sandwich.LOL!

Jen said...

Yeah for Johnny Jump up! I'm glad you're all doing well!

Heidi said...

I am glad it went well. I am sure his smile will be sparkling ;)

Andrea said...

Poor little guy! I hope it's all okay now he is so stinkin cute!

Renee said...

Oh my gosh, he is so cute! What a champ (you too) for going through that. BTW, your pictures are so good! :)

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