Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"That Means It's Christmas Day."

It's a rarety around here:
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which would explain why my kids didn't believe me when I told them to check the window for snow.
Jace wasn't upset when we explained that no, in fact, Snow doth not equal Christmas, but he did say: "Can I wear this hat, mom?" Sure ya can, son. I'm sending your brother out as skeletor, so why not?
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Um, yeah. I took pictures from the window. Snow and I aren't friends, plus, I'm not taking a camera out when it's snowing sideways.
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Sorry, John.
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We're not equipped to let you go out. Plus I oughta send you in an Easter outfit to really complete the look out there.
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First off, sit on this chair before you slip one more time, Jace. Why the glum face?
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"My hands. . . are. . .sooo. . .cold." Guess we're in for a rude awakening when we move back to Utah, no?


WhettenWild said...

When you get back to Utah I bet your kids won't stay away from the snow. We can't keep our kids out of it. Alexia says that it is HER snow. ha ha. Oh, and its hard to get them to wear coats too. Hailey always says she is too hot.....even when it was below zero.LOL

That's a lot more snow than I expected you to have. I hope the boys are having fun!

Jen said...

Beautiful, beautiful snow! Yeah! It's been years since I've seen actual snow to amount to anything 'round here. The boys are in hog heaven!

The Schoonies said...

awesome snow! glad your boys get to enjoy some of it! i hope those little hands thaw out:)

dena4kids said...

my kids kept begging for snow cream, but I can't stand the stuff. No worries though Eliza made it for them.LOL!

I love the picture of Jace and the Santa hat. too cute!