Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sumfin to look forward to.

I know as soon as I make this list and publish the post, I'll remember 10 other really good things I shoulda added. That's how lists are, no? Anyway, these are my things I'm looking forward to about moving home. Yeah it's heavy in the food department, but hey; I don't have to call myself a glutton. It has a term now: foodie. That's all you have to do is give yourself a term and then it's okay.

-Grocery shopping at Macey's & Reams. I am serious. I love those two stores. If you can't believe I said "Reams", well I mean the one in West Jordan. And I definitely don't mean the one in Provo (because you step into a 3rd world country when entering the one on center street). Cheaper produce, people! And lots of it.
-Being with the bro's. Because I know that all I have to do is start singing:
"You remind me of the babe."
And I will definitely get an answer back from one or both bro's:
"What babe? The babe with the power."
"What power?"

We speak each other's language, see.

-Nalley's Dill Dip. This can only be found at Ream's (well at least from my looking around). Some potato chips and a side bowl of black olives, and you're good to go. My Grandma Burton used to always give us that on Christmas. Sniffle.

-Cafe Rio. Anything on the menu.

-I am sooo looking forward to redeeming this baby:
From posts3

Have you had See's? No chocolate can be more delectable. I don't care what you say.

-Crown burger. My love of burgers, good fries, and Utah fry sauce is fulfilled in every way.

-Mexican. MEXICAN! Los Hermanos, Morellia's-- I'm sorry to say, but exempting only Texas, every other state I've lived in makes mexican like a Banquet Mexican TV dinner. Yeah, it's that "good". Vomit good.

-10 cent candies at Ream's. I am serious. 'Cept I guess they're not a dime anymore; they're like 15 cents. That's okay. Every chic-o-stick, sixlets, and candy lipstick is well worth it.

-Jeff's 32nd or 33rd birthday, where he's getting season tickets to BYU football. This is the only way he is like his father-- cougar football is a serious obsession, good season or bad.

-No longer having to explain once again why gramma and grampa can't come over. Well, I guess that's not true since they can't just drop everything any ole time, but you know what I mean.

Just wait for my list of faves from NC, where I run around like a dufus and take pictures around town.


Jessie said...

I've just never been able to shop at Ream's even though we have one down the street...the sign "Ream's Boots and Jeans" doesn't make me get the desire to shop for apples and bananas.

Can you make me be #11? ;)

The Schoonies said...

The reams thing made me laugh! My dad loves the reams on center street...he is the only brave enough to frequent it often!! And Mexican food is the best:)

WhettenWild said...

Did I tell you that Conal got me Labyrinth? I don't think he has even seen it.

Morellias......mmmmm! Even after all of the good Mexican food in El Paso, Morellia's is still my favorite!

Jen said...

Well, I'm glad you're happy! We wish you could stay around a lot longer but there's nothing like HOME!

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