Sunday, January 25, 2009

Re-decor, take 2.

Well, I'm officially a WoW widow in the late evening again- which means I've got a lot of time in the evenings lately to plop my buns down in front of my computer and decide how I want to decorate the homefront. Forgive me for my decor over-enthusiasm; wouldn't you be too if you'd been eating on a card table for years, at one point lived in an apartment and called your bean bags and air mattresses furniture (long story)? I've sacrificed, man. And I never learned to read! Okay that's all true, 'cept for that last part.

So, it's kitchen time. So hmm, I've toyed with the idea of a black and white kitchen, but someone pointed out to me that I may regret keeping that tile clean.

Hmm; perhaps a european kitchen? I looked to the trusty internet for inspiration:
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Ooh, I like. But if you're gonna hang your pots from the ceiling they need to be real nice. Which. . . I . . .don't . . .have. Hmm. Do they even make copper pots anymore? For crying out loud, copper gets stolen at Jeff's work all the time. Seems like someone'd come in, walk right past your TV and electronics, into your kitchen, and swipe your pots nowadays.

Love the faux stucco painting AND the italian saying:
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"Vive Bene Spesso L'Amore DiRisata Molto" (Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much)
Aw. But I was thinking something more like "Entri, Mangia, poi vai via." ("Come, eat, then git.")

I need these. A lot of these:
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But bigger. And fuller. 'Cause nothing says "Mandi" more than massive amounts of candy. I type this as I eat some gummy bears. (Oh, and they'll go up high on a top shelf; not the gummy bears, but the apothecary jars, that is.)

Oh, and some wall art:
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From posts3

From posts3

From posts3

Well, the Orangina for sure. And probably the pasta for sure too.

Oh, oh! And last but not least:
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Ain't that cool? A built in spice rack. Already asked Jeff if he'd be willing to build that bad boy for me and he said yep. 'Course he was busy playing at the time and was fairly distracted, but hey, a promise is a promise ;). Anyway, you get those nifty/fancy jars so no one'll know all my spices are Western Family or Great Value.

Oh, and last but not least:
From posts2

Remember this? I ordered one for all the other places we've lived (exempting Utah). Yep; even one for the place with that teeny apartment and those bean bags.


Jessie said...

I love those lat/long signs, Mandi! Where can I order me some?

Jen said...

Cute, so are you wanting the italian theme all through out the house as well? That would be beautiful. I'm sure you can still find those copper pans. I bet ya' that the copper that is getting stolen from Jeff's work is from crack heads. I don't think they could use your pots to smoke crack, but then again, what do I know. Love the kitchen set up by the way~

dena4kids said...

Very nice! Love the Italian theme.You crack me up with people stealing your pots! It would sound something like this.

Larry the robber says:
"Hey Joe!Grab the big screen and lets get."
Joe :"Wait Larry! What is that in the kitchen!"
Larry looks in the kitchen as his eyes get big..."Jackpot."

WhettenWild said...

You are cracking me up! Plus you are making me thirsty for some good ole Orangina. That stuff is the BEST. I love that kitchen. That would be so pretty. Plus I love the Italian saying.....the second one. ha ha.

I'm so glat that you got all of the signs. Conal and I were just talking about how cool it would be if you did that.

You go crazy decorating girl! If anyone deserves it....its you!