Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parent Abuse.

I'm tired of this. I'm getting the crap beat out of me by this little 'un.
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That wasn't a big red zit on my nose last week- he took a chunk of skin off when he decided to scrape down my face with an action figure.
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Honestly, if he's not pounding me or fish-hooking my lips (and laughing his little head off; it'd be such a cute laugh if it wasn't at my expense), then he's trying to give me a nice, wet, lickery kiss (clearly I've watched "Goonies" too many times).
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Good thing he doesn't know better, 'cause I'd be starting to fight back.


Jen said...

You're a strong, patient woman cause I tell ya' what, I'd pop Ethan's little hands for something like that. Actually, I have. Of course ot doesn't hurt him, it just hurts his feelings and so he pokes out his pouty lips and starts the fake crying! Those pictures are way cute. I love the one where John is looking straight at the camera. His eyes are amazingly blue! My favorite little Johnny-Jump-up!

Jen said...

P.S. I think that there should be a law for parents getting beat up by their children. All my kids would be in the slammer...LOL!

WhettenWild said...

Oh but how can you be mad at a face like THAT! I just want to hug the little guy....although I know I'd have to do it at my own risk. LOL.

It's a good thing that 1 and 2 year olds are so cute. It keeps us from getting to mad at all of the crazy things they do!

dena4kids said...

Sorry you are getting beat up! I am with Monique it is a good thing kids are soo cute when they are 1 and 2.=)

The Schoonies said...

kids can be so strong. his beautiful blue eyes i am sure can melt your heart:)