Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Minor Mischief.

My boys kept busy while I showered one morning:
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Hors D'oeuvres, anyone? What you don't see, is their attempt to do the same with stick pretzels. Wasn't working out so well.
Now this,
From posts2

was also while I showered one morning, and it's every daggone cushion and pillow in the house. It's "our house, Mom!" Yeesh.
I've got one child that is obsessed with produce. Loves it. Devours it. Steals it from other's houses (sorry guys). But does it tick me off when he eats almost the entire bowl of fruit, and then takes ONE bite out of all the leftovers?
From posts3

Heck yes. You'da thought that kid would have had a serious case of the runs, no?


WhettenWild said...

At least its fruit and not candy =).
Better not let PETA see that first picture ;)

dena4kids said...

Love the hors d'oeuvres! They must be planning for a party!LOL!=)

Jen said...

Looks like fun. Can't believe he doesn't get the hot poops!

The Schoonies said...

Don't ya just love the one bite thing. I had a draw full of apples that looked identical!

sticker said...

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