Saturday, January 3, 2009

The holidays are over.

My tree's completely bare and ready to be stored today. My mantle's bare, too. But, BUT! I sure do love a good after-holiday clearance sale! Wanna see my loot? Do ya, do ya?
Behold my favorite piece, the ornament candy jar:
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Did you see this too? I was tempted to buy it at full price weeks ago I liked it so much. ($13.50; I bought this lil diddy for $3.25)
Now, this:
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Reminds Jeff of home. He had one in his house growing up. We had one about half of December, actually, until we put it up high one day because the candy was being devoured (and by the by, it takes 4 bags of candy to fill that sucker. doesn't look like it, huh?). Well, anyway, it fell from up "high", and shattered into a thousand pieces. But hey; this was only $1 for a new one.

Here we have my funky wreath.
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And you can ALWAYS use more shiny ornaments, right?
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Right. You can see my reflection in the big ones. Tee hee. Oh and the small ones are going in a glass vase (I said "Vahz". Gotta be fancy). How smart of me to buy a whole bunch of breakable things just so I can move them across the country. Real smart.


Jen said...

Love it! I got the same funky silver wreath last night for like a buck 50. I get the six pack big teal blue balls with the 2 shimmery ones too. Jesse was with me last night so that's all I could get out of him! oh well, I went earlier to Randleman and stocked up!

dena4kids said...

Dude me too! I went today and picked up some bead garland for 50 cents, and tissue paper, and the plastic ornaments for 1.25! I was so excited! I love the after christmas sales! I forgot my favorite thing I got was my Mrs. Claus apron.heehee it was 2 bucks.=)

Jessie said...

Great deals! Did the tree "fall" or get pulled down?

WhettenWild said...

They didn't have the stuff here in Plainfield that I saw and wanted in North Carolina. Too bad for me I guess!

The Schoonies said...

love it! i especially like the tree candy jar. my grandma had one just like that growing up.

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