Saturday, December 20, 2008

What happens at the Tremayne's stays at the Tremayne's.

This is the invitation.
From posts2

This is the goods.
From thepartay

These are the ladies.

Hmm. Can't quite seem to keep it innocent here. . . hmm.
Well, this one's clean.
From thepartay

And this one.
From thepartay

And that's about it. Seriously.
Oh, it was off the hook. ;)
Oh, and please let us not see any video's of backup dancers cropping up on other blogs. Please.


WhettenWild said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could have come. I'm checking out everyone else's blog just in case those videos of back-up dancers do show up!

Jen said...

Mandi, you know I love ya girl, but I don't think I can resist temptation when it comes to the videos! I promise I will "try!" I have an amazing time. Thanks sp much for being a great host and a great friend! When Mo comes, we need to do this one again! I'm sure veryone would be up for it! You know Stef will be! LOL! Oh, and Rachel too for that matter!

dena4kids said...

Count me in!! It was a fun party!! Thanks for the invite!=) Where's a picture of those beautiful slippers!LOL!!!

superior said...

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