Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Temptation Is Of The Devil

My sis just moved to that corrupt state, namely, Illinois (sorry I have to tease; what is UP with that governor??). So, being relatively close, I must tempt her to be with us for the holidays. (Read: squish herself in our teeny weeny house and feel tortured while she realizes that yes, my boys really are just crazy, AND there's only 1 bathroom for 12 people. I know, that's bad.)
But come on, now! The boys are so excited. Here's their list of activities:
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And we've got this just waiting for kidlets to decorate with:
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And these are waiting too:
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I'm thinking pizza & games for Christmas Eve. Then, Christmas dinner will be so nice. The Roast Beast, Who Hash, and everything.
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Wondering about the soup? Ever been on a cruise? Then you know. Don't you like how it starts out fancy, then goes to funeral potatoes and crunchy ramen salad? Tee hee. Oh, and I also added broccoli salad. You know, the one with purple onion and bacon? Delish. Dessert subject to change.
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All the kids are already up on the mantle. (Couldn't find those darned silver frames.) All we need now are your stockings to come along, too.

And the table will be all ready:
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Yes, my coasters are square. My glasses are, too. And even the babies need a monogrammed coaster-- heck, they gotta have somewhere for their bottle to go, no?
See? We're all set. I want to go to Mandi's house. (Chant. Repeat.)


dena4kids said...

I love the decorations girl! Very nice!!!!I want to go to Mandi's!!!=) I hope you do come Monique!

Jen said...

HEck, I wanna go right now! GNO with your sister, maybe we'll have to do another dirty santa!

The Schoonies said...

i think your sister should definitely be tempted by this post! and the stickers are the best activity! we had some last year and my little friends were entertained with them for quite awhile!

Renee said...

OH, that would be so much fun for you guys!! I hope it all works out! I have to call her & get her new address...unless you want to email it to me...*crossing my fingers*! :)