Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our house, is a very very very fugly house.

Now I'm not trying to knock my house. I like it, but it's the price you pay when you have renters in it for several years: stuff gets jacked up. It's just how it is. No matter how good the renter.
Now, of course we've anticipated this; we've saved moolah to do what's neccessary to make it look decent. And I can't believe it, but it's time to starting choosing the neccessary items for our extreme makeover, home edition. I apologize if ya hate house redecorating shtuff, 'cause I sure do love me a good re-decor.
First off, the paint. Relatively, an extremely cheap and well worthwhile cause.
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I'm a neutral shade, warm taupe color kind of gal, obviously. The entire house will be painted (something like) this color. 'Cept maybe the kid's room. We'll see. Oh, and not the ceilings. Those'll be white. (not looking forward to painting the ceilings)
Second, or B., Jeff and I have a disagreement about flooring. If I had my way the entire house would be in hardwood.
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Oh la la. Brazilian walnut (no this wood is not in my budget but I can dream).
Jeff prefers carpet. How about we compromise and the living/family/dining/kitchen be hardwood and the bedrooms carpet? Huh, huh? Now listen seriously:
-Carpet requires: price of carpet, carpet padding, & installation
-Hardwood: hardwood. Jeff installs (with guidance from my dad).
If you get your hardwood for a steal (and you can), you're saving $.
Alright that's plenty. For now. Sorry if you wanted to bang your head against your computer desk in boredom.


Jessie said...

Love the color. Love the wood.

Have your children puke on a patch of carpet and a patch of hardwood.....then ask Jeff which he'd rather clean up.

WhettenWild said...

Ew Jessie! Ha ha. Funny and true.

LOVE the paint color. I think I'd go for the hardwood except in the bedrooms.

dena4kids said...

I love hardwood floors. Nathan wanted carpet to, so that is why we have it in the bedrooms. I am with Jessie I hate cleaning carpet!

Jen said...

Hardward, opps, I mean hardwood floors all around. Maybe carpet in the bedrooms, but still, it's a pain in the back side having to clean stuff out of carpet. Like the time when a child of mine, not mentioning any names decided to go take a dump behind their bedroom door for privacy. Boy did that stink, literally! I say go for arear rugs if you want a little soft cushion to step on. Hey Jessie, maybe you should send Henry over and tell him the floor is a big ole' bathtub! Then I bet Jeff would go for hardwoods, hands down! Totally kidding! ROTFL!

Renee said...

I agree...

Those hardwood floors are amazing. I'd totally re-do my home in know, if we could afford it. So how do you get a "steal" on hardwood?

I do like carpet in the bedrooms though...

The Schoonies said...

Like your colors. Similar to our colors...we are pretty neutral as well!