Monday, December 8, 2008

It's A Neccessity.

I've got a 1 year old now, and you know what this means. Things neeed to go up higher, 'cause I'm already tired of pulling things away from him, not to mention washing his hands after he's had a good splash in the potty. (Confession time: he even follows his bro's in and tries to splash while they're a going).
Where does she get her decorating style from?
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Hey, I don't know where else to put it, but this, is NOT a toy.

Here we have a roll of TP, the water closet's garbage, and those little dealy-o's that cover the screws on the can (they've been ALL the way in his mouth before. Shudder.) All sit on top of the commode.
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Here we have my son dumpster dining.
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In my defense, I rarely keep it that full. I swear.
I really don't want to put the garbage on top of the counter. Yuck. Suggestions?


Jessie said...

Get a taller trash can with a lid.

Jen said...

That wouldn't work in my house, my kids would just climb on any and everything they could get their little hands on! Ah, the joys of having boys! I love the decor , Mandi! You need to come on over and help me out sometime!

dena4kids said...

I wish I could help ya! I couldn't keep mine out of the trash either! Or the Bathroom for that matter! Cute picture of Johnny though! He looks like he got caught!=)