Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am not responsible for this hideous invitation.

Okay, well really I am, but I just did exactly what Jamison told me to do.
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The little kidlets came on over and decorated away. I warned that playing with knives like swords was not a good idea, and no one did. 7 boys, and no sword play. Wow. But there was a lot of this by all, and of course some double dipping, too.
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By the by, lemon frosting is darned tasty.
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I thought it was fun. And look at these cute little hands.
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Oh, and a little boy pulled the sprinkles down, dumped 'em, ate 'em, and sat in 'em.
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Not so cute. :)


My Name's Sarah said...

So Mandi, I'm FINALLY checking out your blog. Cute pics! How long have you been into photograpy? Seriously, they look awesome! I decided to make photography my hobby, as I have none. Yay community college! How have you guys been?

Heidi said...

it was fun and tasty! Thanks for inviting us.

Jen said...

Good times! I could've eaten those cookies all day. (as you can tell by looking at me) I agree, the lemon frosting was amazing. I have no idea why I've never bought it before! Thanks for a ton of fun!

The Schoonies said...

very cute idea! i might have to copy that! and the invite is cute...isn't it so hard to let your kids tell you what to do sometimes!!! by the way did you get my email?

WhettenWild said...

Looks like fun! How big of a mess did it make? LOL.