Friday, December 12, 2008


8 favorite TV Shows:

Kath & Kim (soo funny! 'Specially Kath's boyfriend; oh and Kim's hubby. Could he say "dude" more? I love it, dude.)
Lost (of course)
The Office
My Name Is Earl (watch it once in a blue moon but it is funny)
BBC's Robin Hood
Arrested Development
*oops, not 8, huh? Well, that's all I got. Gotta keep it real, ya know.

8 Books you recommend (just 8?):

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
The Count Of Monte Cristo (sooo long and sooo worth it)
Water Rising (LOVED it)
The Good Earth
The Undertaker's Gone Bananas
Daddy Is A Doodlebug
Pride & Prejudice
Gone With The Wind

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

Swept the floors 3 freakin' times
Cooked my first southern biscuits and gravy
Cleaned pink frosting off my walls
Remembered to take the recycle can to the street
Put my kids to bed before daddy got home
Chowed down on nachos, salsa, and guacomole with the boys
Watched Kath & Kim and The Office back to back and laughed and laughed
Talked to Jeff until midnight

8 Things to Look Forward to

Moving home
Staying here a couple more months
Getting a nice piano one day
Seeing my hubby more than 5 seconds a day
Summer. Love summer.
Going out to eat at (not in this particular order): Cafe Rio, Morellia's, Crown Burger, Los Hermanos.
Seeing 2 nieces & 1 nephew I've never seen

8 things on my wishlist

To live next door to my sister
Nicer camera (yeah right)
A Van (yes I said van. I'm not ashamed to admit this)
Nice baskets to really organize the joint up
A Kitchenaid
A Cookout burger, with fries, and a reeses shake. Right, about, now.
Someone come clean out my entryway closet. Please.
No sicknesses over Christmas.

8 things that I love about winter

That my hubby and kids love winter and snow
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Lights
Blankets and snuggling
Valentine's Day
Mildness of NC winter
It will have an end. Go spring!

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Jen said...

Promise, I'll do this 8 thing in 8 days. hahaha.....I will try to get back to the computer when Ethan is feeling better.